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We are seeking donations to help further our business, as well as other black owned businesses. Here at The Lemonade Bar, we pride ourselves on recycling the black dollar.  A portion of our donations go toward multiple Female African/African American beverage companies. We want to help replenish the funds lost by black owned beverage businesses. 


The Lemonade Bar has suffered a grave loss in profits for the past few years. Although we have had some improvements to our business we have also run into multiple hardships. We need help to sustain our  beverage company so we can continue to thrive and flourish.  


We need the community to come together and show your love for the people and businesses that have added light, and value to the beautiful community of Oakland Bay Area. We need YOUR assistance!


We have set the goal for $83,000 to help as many businesses as we can, but if we can do more that would be great. Our black businesses have not only been hit with the unfortunate financial setbacks from Covid-19, but now have been hit from the protests as well. 

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