About us

The Lemonade Bar specializes in fresh squeezed lemonade and organic handcrafted frozen lemonades. We work out of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area. Our creative team loves to create many new flavors to excite the palate of many. You can find us at farmers markets, weddings, graduations, parties and more. We pride ourselves in using organic locally sourced ingredients from farmers within our community.

About our Founder & CEO


Founder and CEO of The Lemonade Bar. 

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Since a young girl, Imani M-Glover has been selling all types of items. Most folks say she has entrepreneurship flowing through her veins. In high school, Imani never wanted her single mother to tell her there wasn’t enough money in the budget to afford the things Imani desired - playing basketball, cheerleading and attending prom. So naturally, Imani thought of a plan to sell her homemade popcorn balls made with real butter. She carried her backpack on one arm and her popcorn balls on the other. By the 2nd period, every single popcorn ball would be sold out. After school, she would deposit 25 dollars. Selling was second nature to Imani. 

Fast-forwarding to Imani's third year of marriage, her husband decided to invest in a hotdog cart. Quickly, Imani composed a plan to begin utilizing the hot dog cart to its full potential. Unfortunately, the business didn't do so well, but Imani and her husband didn't give up. They eventually incorporated fresh squeezed lemonade, and that took off without a hitch. Ultimately, the lemonade began to outsell the hotdogs, so they dropped the hotdogs and then The Lemonade Bar was formed. In 2018 has been the best year for The Lemonade Bar, it was no longer a hobby but a business.  Food safety certified .

Meet The Team

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Hello I am Cedric Glover, the Founder and husband of Ms.Imani Glover. I enjoy being apart of The Lemonade Bar because we provide sweet organic lemonade that people enjoy.

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Creative Director

Hello, I am Solomon G, and I am the creative manager of The Lemonade Bar; I handle  new ideas, branding,  logos, and much more.

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Operations Manager

Hello I am Kwamé I handle operations for The Lemonade Bar this includes setting up for events and managing event operations.

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Cuteness Director

My Name Is Zam Zam  and I am one of the sales director for The Lemonade Bar. I use my cuteness to. sway customers.

Chief Financial Officer